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How is it that I had to watch the Wonder Woman movie three (3!!) times before I heard Diana preaching my faith? Three times!!!

I know a lot of my Unitarian Universalist friends are already familiar with this. For some of them, the DC and Marvel canon are part (all?) of their theological canon. But this is all new to me.

And there it was, at the end of the movie, after she has battled Nazis and while she is battling Ares, the god of war. “They don’t deserve your protection,” he says of the humans who, as he tells it, have ruined the earth that once was the kingdom of the gods.

And it is there–as she sees men protecting each other, and as she knows the man she loves has sacrificed himself for the greater good–that a new understanding takes over:

“It’s not about deserve, it’s about what you believe. And I believe in love.”

It is not about what you deserve, it is about what you believe.

I’m brought back to my Unitarian Universalist faith in the strangest of ways. Last night it was while I sat on my couch knitting and drinking one of my favorite pale ales.

As I noted in my last post, I have been struggling back to my faith and my faith communities for a variety of reasons. Like many people, when I stumble in my ability to be good and true to what I profess to believe, I feel let down and left out, and just generally unhappy.

As Unitarian Universalists, we try to live into this ideal of respecting people for the mere reason that they are. Ours is a faith of grace: we aspire to honor the “inherent worth and dignity of every person.”

What I forgot is that also extends to me, from me.

How long have I been feeling that because I fucked up some things, I wasn’t deserving of other people’s love? And how long has that feeling kept me from being in relationship with those very same people?

But last night, as I sat in my Wonder Woman Wow moment, I decided it was time to lay some of that UU learning onto myself.

I have decided to notice when I spend my energy feeling undeserving, and remind myself of what I believe. I know, I know. It sounds so freaking easy, doesn’t it? And yet, 55 years in and I’m still learning. Over and over and over again.

It isn’t about deserve, it’s about what I believe.

And I believe in love.

I also believe in the power of women, so here is a gratuitous photo of Robin Wright being the baddest ass of badassery.

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  • Ed Proulx on February 14, 2018

    “Deserve” is one of the most violent words in the English language.

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