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#UULent: Partnership

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On our last night in Tucson, we danced to a live band in a hotel ballroom and I was reminded how much we like to dance–and how seldom we take the time to do so.

The crowd had dwindled by the time I kicked off my dress-up flip flops (how does anyone dance in flip flops?), and one man said “oh, things are getting serious–the shoes are coming off.”

Someone asked if we took lessons and we both laughed. “Wedding prep,” he said. “Years ago; now we just have fun.”

I think we are all smoke and mirrors with our dancing. We both have decent rhythm and we have a few moves, but it’s easy to fool a crowd that’s been drinking all night. Our dancing partnership is founded on two principles that continue to delight and confound us: 1. That we WILL mess up; and 2. That I will NOT ever figure out how to follow his lead.

Maybe I should be thinking about surrender here, rather than partnership, as I talk about the things that will go wrong. But maybe this is just how partnership works: agreeing on how to handle things when they go wrong and rejoicing when things go better than wrong.

I wish this had been the thing we worried over as part of our wedding prep: agreeing on how to behave when things go wrong, how to help each other when one or both of us ends up on the floor sideways, and how to move with grace through a crowd.



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