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#UULent: Creativity

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Last night I was sitting in the living room of a woman I’d never met before with about 10 other women I’d never met and it was a place bristling with energy. I only wish I’d thought to take a photo then.

Two weeks ago, a small group of women decided to put on a variety/art show to observe “a day without women” but instead making it a “day about women.” Tomorrow night, we gather to read, sing, play in a woman-owned business to benefit Planned Parenthood and to support each other.

Last night was meant to be a rehearsal of the closing song, but like so often happens when a group of creatives gather, a new thing was born–and very often out of one single question: “what if?”

This, I think, is the heart of creativity, not just to ask the question, but to ponder the answer with an open heart and mind.

What a joy-filled night last night was. I look forward to tomorrow, when the fruit of this labor arrives.

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