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  • #UULent: Ally

    Today I put on the music and cleaned the kitchen: stove, microwave, oven and floor, even. Women sang to me today. They sang of broken hearts and broken homes, of hopes and dreams, and of purpose. I thought of all the women who have sung to me in my life, who have encouraged me, who have told me one way… Continue reading "#UULent: Ally"

  • #UULent: Engagement

    My engagement this week has been strictly political and passive. I have been watching cable news coverage of all of the news this week, so much so that yesterday I pulled the plug for a while and re-upholstered a chair. The chair reminded me of what I’ve not allowed myself to remember in a long time: I am most engaged… Continue reading "#UULent: Engagement"

  • #UULent: Solitude

    Today, my solitude came in the sound of blueberries gently popping in the heat of the oven, and then in the smell of meat, vegetables and sauce simmering, bubbling over the edge of the pan and leaving a sputtering mess.

  • #UULent: Resilience

    I am a bit of a klutz. Part of it is a balance issue, but most of it is just from rushing to get a thing done that I don’t want to do in the first place, like, say, the dishes. Tonight was one of those nights. Washing the dishes that need to be hand-washed and rushing through it, I sliced… Continue reading "#UULent: Resilience"

  • #UULent: Prayer

    I didn’t take any photos, but today I took a walk through the wastelands. I hit a private milestone today, and afterwards, I went through some of my favorite haunts: vintage, thrift and antique stores. I should have taken a photo. Instead, I ran my hand along a table older than me, maybe even older than my mother. I poked… Continue reading "#UULent: Prayer"

  • #UULent: Creativity

    Last night I was sitting in the living room of a woman I’d never met before with about 10 other women I’d never met and it was a place bristling with energy. I only wish I’d thought to take a photo then. Two weeks ago, a small group of women decided to put on a variety/art show to observe “a… Continue reading "#UULent: Creativity"

  • #UULent: Rest

    During my first cup of coffee, while I was sitting on the couch under two blankets, one cat walked toward me and settled in on my legs. Sometime after my husband refilled my cup, a second cat slunk up and decided that she, too, needed to be on me and took up residence on my belly. There I sat, a… Continue reading "#UULent: Rest"

  • #UULent: Partnership

    On our last night in Tucson, we danced to a live band in a hotel ballroom and I was reminded how much we like to dance–and how seldom we take the time to do so. The crowd had dwindled by the time I kicked off my dress-up flip flops (how does anyone dance in flip flops?), and one man said… Continue reading "#UULent: Partnership"

  • #UULent: Love

    I’ve been ruminating on love today, a day where I am home alone with three cats who have been insisting, in turns, on being adored. But I went to the stored photos on my phone, thinking I could find a suitable selfie with my husband as my “love image.” And I did, but then I found this: taken as my… Continue reading "#UULent: Love"

  • #UULent: Courage

    I woke up thinking about Jesus. This is not typical for me. While I am participating in the Unitarian Universalist Lenten practice (#UULent), I must be as clear as possible: I do not identify as Christian. And, yet … I woke up thinking of Jesus. I wasn’t thinking of the things Jesus said. I was thinking of the things he… Continue reading "#UULent: Courage"