Tag: #Depression

  • Buoyancy

    Lately, I’ve been feeling like I’m sinking. Not bobbing up and down like I’m treading life, nor even my own weird little breast stroke toward a known shore. Just sinking, a teensy bit here and a teensy bit there. I can feel the tug on my ankles, on my spine, and even, sometimes, at the base of my neck. Of… Continue reading "Buoyancy"

  • Out of the Couch

    I recognized the symptoms. Depression isn't new to me, but I don't recall ever having been in it so long or so deep. It took me until recently and with loving prodding to realize how profoundly it had come to affect my family, my marriage, my career, let alone my own sense of self.

  • Nectarine Season

    I originally posted this on my old blog last year, August 15, 2014. I was reeling from the death of Robin Williams by suicide and by the death of Michael Brown and the events in Ferguson. I just reread it and thought it was worth a new look–I hope you do, as well. ___ I was already dreadfully late this… Continue reading "Nectarine Season"