Tina L Porter

Sweet and Sour Sorrow

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I licked chocolate pudding
off the foil top
while Lucinda Williams
sang “Little Honey”
and the sun faded
behind a darkening cloud

and the missing you
feeling that sits always
in some part of me
let loose a happy
that matched the
taste of chocolate pudding
and Lucinda’s sweet and sour

Missing you is what I do
just like my mother
still does me
an infection of the heart
that started with your
first breath

As the house transforms
from a family home
to a collection of old folk
wondering what to do
on any given Tuesday

I am lucky to miss you,
miss us as a family unit,
and still revel in this
quiet time, beckoning echoes
of a cacophony of silences
that slammed against
each other
before one became two
and two became five

How lucky I am
to miss what was
while still looking
forward to what will be
while the taste of
chocolate still sweetens
my mouth

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1 Comment

  • Jan barnett on August 26, 2017


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