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Dear DCCC: It’s over, with love

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Dear DCCC*,

We need to talk.

I mean, like, talk talk.

You haven’t gotten the hint that it’s over between us—I’ve been ghosting you since, I don’t know, November? You keep emailing—and, really, who does that anymore. If I haven’t given you permission to text me, shouldn’t you have understood that to be a clear sign I’m just not that into you anymore?

It’s not that I don’t agree with the core principles and understandings that drew us together in the first place. I’m still all about that, but not your constant emails that scream things like “DEVASTATING blow,” “Trump FURIOUS,” and the ever pitiful, “We’re BEGGING.”

Seriously. I know you are begging, but, it’s over.

Here’s the thing: you want to create a grassroots campaign from the top down and that’s just not how it works. And, while I appreciate your efforts to defeat candidates with an R after their name, I’m really not into that kind of slap-dash, knee-jerk response right now.

I need something positive to hold onto. I just can’t keep going down this road of being against things All. The. Time. Give me something to be for. I know, I know, we can’t do anything until we have the congressional numbers and that is your job. I get it. I do. I get it.

But here’s what I need right now: I need someone to write up the fixes to the ACA that the Democrats are proposing and get that information out to the wider populace. I need someone to say: This, this is what we want and we have, in our hot little hands (as my mother used to say, not as any indication of the size of your, you know, hands): and it is ready and workable and it doesn’t provide everything that we can do, but did we mention it is workable?

I need that. I need to see you prepared to govern as it is now obvious that many in Congress do not understand the concept. Show them how it is done. Slap those fixes on the table and tell them to show you what they got.


Stop telling me that money is going to fix this. I don’t believe you anymore because you keep telling me that and then you tell me what a disaster everything is.

You need money? I need a plan for governing. Even if you aren’t in the position of leadership within Congress, you need to be in a position of leadership for the people who vote for Democrats to lead and for those who voted against the status quo who are now getting even less governing than they did before.

And maybe you are doing all those things and I’m just missing it because your email subject lines TURN ME OFF. Darling, if you want to be in a relationship with me, you have to stop begging and demanding, in turns. We want the same things, but when you yell at me all the time, I just stop listening.

So, please, take the hint and either change or leave me be. We both know there are more and bigger fish in the ocean to fry (to mix a metaphor or two). So let’s get on with the work in an adult-like fashion, and if our paths cross again some day, I hope we are glad to see each other because we have both moved on in healthy, productive ways.

In peace and grudging love,


*P.S. I knew it was over over between us when it took me three clicks on your website (and no where in those frantic emails) to find out what your acronym stands for: Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. But that’s just a weird habit I picked up from working in communications for decades.

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      Tina L Porter on July 31, 2017

      Thanks, Matt!

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