Category: Grace

  • Summer’s Lover

    There is a mosquito in my house, devouring my flesh one infinitesimal poke after another Along the hairline that area that is neither cheek nor chin neither scalp nor ear And on the back of my neck and inching down my arm leaving minute hickeys loving me, my body, my blood he cares not for my comfort like that guy… Continue reading "Summer’s Lover"

  • Dear DCCC: It’s over, with love

    And maybe you are doing all those things and I’m just missing it because your email subject lines TURN ME OFF. Darling, if you want to be in a relationship with me, you have to stop begging and demanding, in turns. We want the same things, but when you yell at me all the time, I just stop listening.

  • Of Trees, My Body, and Joy

    At what point did I stop marveling at the abilities of my limbs to work in conjunction with each other to propel me up, over and forward. Or even backward. At what point did I lose joy in my body because it wasn’t “her” body. How old was I when self consciousness took over and I lost the ability to even dance like the leaves of the trees.

  • Frogs, Train Whistles and the Heart that Prays in sleep

    So hot today. Sticky hot today. Hair not working hot today. Went outdoors and sweat so quick and then back inside where the air nearly froze my skin to my clothes. And back outside. Home again, to dry clothes and a blanket against the air conditioning. And then that rain. No wait. First there was hail. Hail like wobbly marbles,… Continue reading "Frogs, Train Whistles and the Heart that Prays in sleep"

  • Not one picture

    The bonfire was huge, lighting up our corner of the universe and the faces of the friends who gathered. But I didn’t take one picture. Earlier, when the sun was still up, but definitely at least at a 30 degree angle, there were more people than chairs, huddled around tables and make-shift conversation areas, laid out in sets of fours… Continue reading "Not one picture"

  • Buoyancy

    Lately, I’ve been feeling like I’m sinking. Not bobbing up and down like I’m treading life, nor even my own weird little breast stroke toward a known shore. Just sinking, a teensy bit here and a teensy bit there. I can feel the tug on my ankles, on my spine, and even, sometimes, at the base of my neck. Of… Continue reading "Buoyancy"