Category: Faith

  • I want you to read this book

    I came away from this book wondering all the ways I used shame as my children were growing up—shaming them, shaming myself, amplifying the “bad” behavior. It’s only recently, as my children have become women, that I recognize all the signs of ignoring the why while focusing on how that why manifests.

  • Buoyancy

    Lately, I’ve been feeling like I’m sinking. Not bobbing up and down like I’m treading life, nor even my own weird little breast stroke toward a known shore. Just sinking, a teensy bit here and a teensy bit there. I can feel the tug on my ankles, on my spine, and even, sometimes, at the base of my neck. Of… Continue reading "Buoyancy"

  • #UULent: Solitude

    Today, my solitude came in the sound of blueberries gently popping in the heat of the oven, and then in the smell of meat, vegetables and sauce simmering, bubbling over the edge of the pan and leaving a sputtering mess.

  • #UULent: Prayer

    I didn’t take any photos, but today I took a walk through the wastelands. I hit a private milestone today, and afterwards, I went through some of my favorite haunts: vintage, thrift and antique stores. I should have taken a photo. Instead, I ran my hand along a table older than me, maybe even older than my mother. I poked… Continue reading "#UULent: Prayer"

  • #UULent: Rest

    During my first cup of coffee, while I was sitting on the couch under two blankets, one cat walked toward me and settled in on my legs. Sometime after my husband refilled my cup, a second cat slunk up and decided that she, too, needed to be on me and took up residence on my belly. There I sat, a… Continue reading "#UULent: Rest"

  • #UULent: Love

    I’ve been ruminating on love today, a day where I am home alone with three cats who have been insisting, in turns, on being adored. But I went to the stored photos on my phone, thinking I could find a suitable selfie with my husband as my “love image.” And I did, but then I found this: taken as my… Continue reading "#UULent: Love"

  • #UULent: Courage

    I woke up thinking about Jesus. This is not typical for me. While I am participating in the Unitarian Universalist Lenten practice (#UULent), I must be as clear as possible: I do not identify as Christian. And, yet … I woke up thinking of Jesus. I wasn’t thinking of the things Jesus said. I was thinking of the things he… Continue reading "#UULent: Courage"

  • #UULent: Surrender

    I was getting ready to write about Surrender in the context of giving in to my chronic illness and the neediness of my cats, who surrounded me on the couch today, insisting that I lay low one more day after 10 days of travel. But then, I looked up and saw the snow coming down in large, light flakes (dare… Continue reading "#UULent: Surrender"