Tina L Porter

81. Winning

100 days of poetry 2 Comments

In the moment
I wanted you to win

I wanted you to
have the victory
you needed desperately
it made you lose
sleep, weight,

In the moment
I wanted to hold
your hand and tell
you how right
you are to feel
exactly as you do

But that moment
has passed
and I no longer want
you to win

I want you to
even in the bad
even in the horrible
even in the unexpectedly
mean moments of
our life among humans

And to thrive–
I now realize
too late to tell you
and perhaps too
early for you to hear–

you will need
to neither win
nor lose

but wrap your
tongue and heart
in a whole new
that paints possibility
in the cracks

like those
Japanese bowls
made new in their

Another day
we’ll talk of this
of thriving and of
golden repairs

And we will laugh
at how we thought
we knew
anything at all


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  • lifereviewguide on September 14, 2017

    A deeply received tribute to the recognition of the importance of timing. Thank-you…
    Karen Gustafson

    • Author
      Tina L Porter on September 15, 2017

      Thank you, Karen Gustafson. This is one of my favorite love notes. 🙂

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