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72. Autumn


I’m longing, again Longing, and my heart’s not yet sure Is it family I seek? a caramel cupcake? or a quiet place to think? I’m longing again and still for all the things ephemeral Oh, Autumn, it’s you who whispers in my…
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71. I tangle my tongue

I tangle my tongue trying, trying, trying, to let loose words like banners announcing undying allegiance to justice and then I remember it’s not about me and there my tongue is loosed but silent

70. If I Follow the Line


If I follow the line from my door to your harbor one foot after the other striking pavement heel to toe heel to toe heel to toe the echo thudding against my ribs my skull as I pace myself to you…
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You Say Terrorism

You say terrorism as if it were a monopoly held tightly by foreigners Oblivious willfully or from ignorance to centuries of home-grown white-sheeted jim-crowing badge-wearing judge-advocated jury-gymnasticating gas-lighted red-lining prison-pipe-lining terrorism. So, what you mean, when you spew your fear…
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68. A stew

A stew takes time There is shopping and chopping searing and cubing all before the stew stews A stew is time and heat simmering spice, fresh and flesh until all is tender and firm A stew is practice in patience and delayed…
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66. I chose sadness

I chose sadness in a room full of strangers Even though it made me appear dull and lifeless while my heart and brain battled each other for control I chose sadness for news that cleaved cleanly my soul from my bones and…
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65. Leaves in Death


Kept scaring myself today stepping on crackly leaves Or the wind skittered them along the driveway Making that noise that is usually reserved for the living What sorry irony spending their life tethered to the tree, free, only in death

64. Yield of the Heart


Buy a red tomato and an ear of corn under the tent propped up outside the Wendy’s Maybe a cucumber it that’s your thing Slurp up the juices of the last Michigan peaches Longing for these things to linger while…
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