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  • Summer’s Lover

    There is a mosquito in my house, devouring my flesh one infinitesimal poke after another Along the hairline that area that is neither cheek nor chin neither scalp nor ear And on the back of my neck and inching down my arm leaving minute hickeys loving me, my body, my blood he cares not for my comfort like that guy… Continue reading "Summer’s Lover"

  • Sweet and Sour Sorrow

    I licked chocolate pudding off the foil top while Lucinda Williams sang “Little Honey” and the sun faded behind a darkening cloud and the missing you feeling that sits always in some part of me let loose a happy melancholy that matched the taste of chocolate pudding and Lucinda’s sweet and sour sorrow Missing you is what I do just… Continue reading "Sweet and Sour Sorrow"

  • Dear Millenial-Haters: Say Thank You

    I believe in my daughters. I believe in their generation. I believe in the creativity and passion that keeps them going in the face of all the hate they have engendered for simply growing up in our houses, with our values, and in a society and economy that taught them to suck it up and accept less. And then they didn't.

  • Dear DCCC: It’s over, with love

    And maybe you are doing all those things and I’m just missing it because your email subject lines TURN ME OFF. Darling, if you want to be in a relationship with me, you have to stop begging and demanding, in turns. We want the same things, but when you yell at me all the time, I just stop listening.

  • Dear Senators Murkowski and Collins: Thank You!

    I've tried to tell my Senator, Todd Young, what the ACA has done for my family, but he's not interested in listening to constituents that don't agree with him. As one public figure might say, SAD! But I also know from friends who are solely self-employed that the ACA is not perfect. Premiums are too high because of the complete coverage offered. I get that. I understand that. I understand that the ACA is not perfect.

  • Of Trees, My Body, and Joy

    At what point did I stop marveling at the abilities of my limbs to work in conjunction with each other to propel me up, over and forward. Or even backward. At what point did I lose joy in my body because it wasn’t “her” body. How old was I when self consciousness took over and I lost the ability to even dance like the leaves of the trees.

  • I want you to read this book

    I came away from this book wondering all the ways I used shame as my children were growing up—shaming them, shaming myself, amplifying the “bad” behavior. It’s only recently, as my children have become women, that I recognize all the signs of ignoring the why while focusing on how that why manifests.