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47. Ancestors


You call them ancestors but I can’t help but think of them as ghosts whose only job is to make sure I know I’m connected to something other than the thoughts inside my brain even if it is only the…
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46. Succor


In the midst of a loud coffee shop she stared out the¬†window sucking her thumb while the fingers of her other hand twisted in her hair at the top of her head. Composed, non-anxiously keeping herself busy while her Daddy…
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45. Longing


Is longing a form of anxiety I wondered sitting on the sand on a day that could be perfect for no other thing than sitting on the sand But my phone was at one percent so I opted not to…
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44. Something that Needs Doing


There is something that needs doing It’s calling me from the back of my brain wondering what is taking so long Like a toddler outside the bathroom door it calls, and calls and throws itself on the floor to look…
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43. Some Days the Past

cat on counter

Some days the past comes at you fast and hard like an Indiana rain storm in summer– all lightning and thunder and wind and water everywhere Other times it whispers in like the cat¬†alighting onto the counter where the butter…
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41. The Upside


In a house empty one can take a long bath with the door ajar and a channel set to classical music you don’t know so you can concentrate on your summer book before summer is over And when the water…
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40. In the Heart of Love


I am not there You are not here But you feel it like I do, right? We are connected held close by smiles that look the same and hair the same texture and color if mine didn’t have all that…
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39. Windmills


Third trip down I-65 in as many weeks Driving through farmland and construction zones and the windmills tower through the landscape they mark time telling how close to one destination from another From Kentucky last week near midnight in one…
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38. Two Magical Things

I held the saw in my hand and ran it mostly straight and almost without hesitation and the power of it both scared and intrigued me. Then, tonight, as I tried to sleep, the feel of that saw still vibrating…
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