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88. Faith


Today, I put my faith in stones, in earth, mesquite & clay in bats, heat & prickly pears I put my faith in a desert that knows how to return to itself. I put my faith in stones as I…
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87. Here is the Way of the World


Here is the way of the world tension fright retreat complacency narrowness and then a bomb not nuclear but maybe molecular a bomb that makes smallness and complacency no longer tenable retreat then takes the form of the warrior knowing…
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86. For my daughters in difficult times


You are the reason the world moves forward. You hold the traits of many a grandmother within your DNA, within your heart You have the kindness and tenacity and moral outrage of women in numerous lines stretching back through harrowing…
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84. Persephone’s Martini


Yesterday’s poem opened with a pomegranate martini the deep hue, elevated by a thin, glass stem, a fluted triangle of red No. Yesterday’s poem didn’t open there. It opened decades ago in public places when it was revealed that my…
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83. Seasons of the Swings

The mums are out and a pumpkin or two and the tree right smack in front of the house sheds a dusting of large dark green and red. Red, white and blue signs line the road along the side of the…
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82. Trespassing

Wherever they are they inhabit the space fully with their shoulders, legs, egos, words, even their hot breath and the smell of their cologne that comes in like whispers or blunt objects striking us blindly taking us back to the day…
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81. Winning

In the moment I wanted you to win I wanted you to have the victory you needed desperately it made you lose sleep, weight, yourself In the moment I wanted to hold your hand and tell you how right you are…
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80. Lupus Flare

My fingers hurt in a new way today for reasons unknown after two days in a sick bed for a little, bitty cold or sinus infection or wee bit of a tumor, I told my children, to make them wail…
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79. A Puzzle

It’s a puzzle and some pieces have gone rogue like cowboys or minor superheroes hiding under carpets or placemats or ice cream bowls even under each other switching up their nubs and colors, sneaky four-cornered chameleons so the parts that made sense…
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